Blog #8

For this blog we get to talk about what video I am going to use for my forth project for what will be my final semester (at least to get my AA anyways). Everyone has heard about the shooting that took place on Facebook. The man made a video of himself shooting an elderly man and uploaded … Continue reading Blog #8


Photo Journalism

This could not only be an interesting blog, but an even better story! I feel like there is a lot of beauty in the world that only a good photo can capture. That is why people still spend lots of money on good cameras even when our everyday devices like phones have an camera. The … Continue reading Photo Journalism

Service Journalism

To be completely honest I have not put too much thought into what I want to do my next story on. All the possible subjects you could find something or someone interesting to write on. If it's a case study, application stories, research studies, backgrounders, personality profiles, or historical profiles any could be interesting (besides … Continue reading Service Journalism

Interview Focus

I promise after I get through these post for class my blog will get better! For my interview I already completed the interview itself. For the development of the questions, all I did was write down what questions I would like to know and what I found interesting. Then in my interview if something popped … Continue reading Interview Focus

An Interview

Our second blog is on who we would like the interview; I looked at this in a couple different ways. My first thoughts were that is easy, I would like to interview Ryan Reynolds because I think he is hilarious and a underrated actor. I think I can relate to him the most. Plus let's … Continue reading An Interview